Santa Balloons

Santa Balloons for SALE or RENT.

We have many different sizes and styles of Santa Balloons for sale and rent. We are the originators of the color coded installation system. Any Santa balloon or Santa inflatables you rent or purchase from us comes with this color coded installation system. You won't have to have teen-ager help with this installation. We make installation a breeze.
We do between 100 and 150 installations per week in our rental division and we have perfected the installation process.
Any Santa balloon you order will be easy to install!

Santa inflatables 25ft. Santa cold-air inflatables available.

The top Santa is our more traditional St. Nick style Santa with his distinguished look and air brushed beard he is a sight to behold. The other Santa above is our most popular Santa. He has the large white beard and bowl full of jelly belly. Both are 25' tall and can be internally illuminated.

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Christmas Balloon